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O2 Optix Contact Lenses – Let the oxygen into your eyes. Experience a new technology that will let your eyes stay healthy and feeling comfortable all day long. Simply put on a pair of O2 Optix revolutionary “breathable” contact lenses and see the difference.

O2 Optix is a brand of “breathable” contact lenses manufactured by industry leader Ciba Vision. In response to the clamor of contact lenses wearers for lenses that are healthy and more comfortable for day to day wear, Ciba Vision has created a breakthrough lens material that allows 5 times more oxygen to reach the eye than the traditional daily wear hydrogel lens. It is designed to significantly reduce the symptoms of redness, dryness and end-of-day discomfort associated with deficiency of oxygen in the eyes.

With this groundbreaking silicone hydrogel technology, O2 Optix contact lenses will help keep the eyes whiter, brighter and healthy looking. Feel a better end-of-day comfort and crystal clear vision with O2 Optix lenses. O2 Optix lenses have a unique lens design that is especially developed to give superior lens comfort and improve visual clarity. O2 Optix contact lenses resist protein debris through their distinctive surface treatment that ensures eyes stay healthy. What is more, O2 Optix contact lenses are FDA approved for daily wear of up to two weeks. They can also be worn for 6 consecutive nights and then replaced with a new pair. Truly, O2 Optix contact lenses are so “breathable” you can wear them all day for as long as you desire.