Why do contact lenses have to be frequently replaced?
Almost immediately after they are inserted, contact lenses begin attracting protein deposits and lipids. Accumulated deposits, even with regular lens care can wear down the performance of your contact lenses and can create great risk to your eye health. A specific replacement schedule helps prevent these problems.

Can contact lenses be worn during sports activities?
Yes, contact lenses provide exceptional vision for most sports. However, they do not protect the eyes from injury. Contact lens wearers should use polycarbonate sports safety goggles or glasses when participating in sports.
Acuvue Contact LensesDo contact lenses prevent shortsightedness (myopia) from getting worse?
No, there is no evidence that wearing contact lenses improve vision or prevents myopia from getting worse.

Is a prescription needed to be able to wear colored contact lenses?
Even if you do not need prescription lens, you have to see an eye care practitioner to be fitted properly for contacts. You will still receive a prescription then you may get your colored lenses.

How do I know if I have lost my contact lens from my eye?
Cover the other eye to determine if vision is still clear from the eye you suspect that you lost the lens. If vision is blurred, then more than likely the lens is either dislodged from the cornea or has fallen from your eye.

Do I still need glasses if I have contact lenses already?
Although contact lenses correct vision and in some instances are better than glasses, they are still medical devices worn on the eyes. This means that there can be consequences such as eye irritations, inflammations or injuries as a result of contact lens wear. It is best to let the eyes breathe normally at least every evening thus spare glasses are necessary.