Replacement schedule and wearing schedule for contact lenses are two different terms. Replacement schedule refers to how often your contact lenses are discarded and replaced. They can be disposable, frequent replacement or reusable. Disposable lenses are replaced every two weeks or sooner. Frequent replacement lenses are replaced monthly or quarterly while reusable or traditional lenses are replaced every six months or longer. The word “disposable” often refers to both disposable and frequent replacement contact lenses.
Acuvue Contact Lenses
Wearing schedule refers to how often you remove your contact lenses but not necessarily to discard or replace them. Daily wear lenses are removed at the end of the day. They must be cleaned and disinfected after removal and stored in contact lenses cases and worn again the next day. Continuous or extended wear contact lenses remain in the eyes even while sleeping for up to six consecutive nights. After the prescribed wearing time, they are discarded and a new fresh pair is worn. Daily disposable contact lenses are worn for one day and then thrown away and replaced with a brand-new pair. Generally, Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses are recommended to be worn and replaced on one of these schedules. Which schedule best fits the wearer depends on how the eyes behave while wearing the contact lenses. A full evaluation by an eye care professional can help ascertain the best wearing and replacement schedule.