“20/20 vision” occurs when light rays come together at a point directly on the retina. About four in ten people have “perfect vision”. For others, clear vision may be achieved by refocusing light rays using corrective contact lenses. Contact lenses are thin, curved, plastic, optical disks designed to correct vision by changing the way light enters the eye by altering the curvature of the cornea. Contact lenses are held in place by the eyes’ own natural tears which are always present between the lenses and the eyes.
Acuvue Contact Lenses
Contact lenses have three basic functions – corrective, cosmetic and therapeutic. Corrective contact lenses are used to help improve vision. These contact lenses neutralize the lack of balance between the eye’s length and its refractive abilities. Corrective lenses usually address vision problems. Cosmetic contact lenses change the appearance of the eyes. They come in different styles, designs and colors. Therapeutic contact lenses are generally used to help in the healing of certain eye-related surgeries and treatments.

Whether you need corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic contact lenses, they offer many advantages. Contact lenses provide unhampered peripheral vision. They are worn next to the eyes thus there are no frames to obstruct vision. Since they move with the eyes, you are always looking through the optical center of the lens where vision is best. Contact lenses do not fog up, get splattered with rain or slide down the nose. Today’s contact lenses offer flexibility and convenience. Combined with professional fitting and aftercare, you are ensured that your contact lenses are properly prescribed for ultimate fit and comfort. There are various contact lenses options to choose from in determining which type suits your vision needs and your lifestyle.